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Food Shops in Amsterdam

There are many specialty food stores in Amsterdam. Craving something special? Then you are in for a treat, the city is packed with small shops full of tasty treats, specialties and wines. Enjoy some tastings or buy that unique one of a kind gift while you browse the stores in this selections. Most are accustomed to foreign customers so they can inform you on importing their wares to your country.

Scroll through this page and be amazed at the nice shops that are scattered around the city.

Specialty Food Stores in Amsterdam

So, specialty food stores. Are you wondering which ones you need to visit? The most popular food stores in Amsterdam are obviously the cheese stores. Here you’ll find authentic Dutch cheese like boerenkaas (raw milk farmhouse cheese) and Soete Hollander, an artisan cheese with a piquant, slightly sweet flavour. There are always samples to try so you know what you are buying! We’ve carefully compiled a list of great food stores right here on this page, but obviously we also have our personal favorites that we would love to share with you!

Hello Amsterdam’s personal favorites

Try the great ice scream at Van der Linde, locals and tourists go crazy for this very special vanilla ice cream! Go to the Metropolitan for your chocolate cravings. Here the chocolate is dense and dark, made from quality cacao beans from small Caribbean plantations that’s roasted in-house, the hot chocolate here is the real deal. The Frietboutique is the place to go when you want to eat the most perfect fries in the world. De Prael Shop  is not your average craft brewery. This social initiative started thirteen years ago with the idea of giving less-fortunate people a chance on the labor market by working in a beer brewery.

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