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The Pancake Bakery

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Visit the Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam to enjoy the world famous Dutch Pancake. The recipe is simple, the result divine. Good old Dutch pancakes come with their traditional trappings such as cinnamon sugar, or cheese and bacon, but also in a more exotic dress. Think Mexican and Italian, paprika and pepperoni. No wonder they call ‘em the best pancakes in town!

The Pancake Bakery for the Traditional Dutch delicacy

Visit the Pancake Bakery and enjoy the world famous and tasty traditional Dutch delicacy in our unique historical venue situated on the Prinsengracht (Prince’s canal), the restaurant is very close to the Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk. In the 17th century warehouse that used to belong to the Dutch East India Company (VOC), you can have dinner as well as a fast and affordable meal. In their open kitchen you can watch them bake heavenly pancakes, varying from a traditional Dutch pancake topped with syrup or powdered sugar, to our world favourites such as the Caprese with tomato and pesto. You can also make your own pancake with the ingredients you desire!


The Pancake Bakery


prinsengracht 191, Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 625 13 33


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