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The Lobby Fizeaustraat

A culinary living lobby

The Lobby Fizeaustraat is a new restaurant from the people behind Restaurant the Lobby in Hotel V located in the city centre. This restaurant has been praised for its food, atmosphere and service in every single review. So when the owners were building a new hotel on the east side of the city, they decided to open another ‘The Lobby’. The Lobby Fizeaustraat is successfully carrying on the tradition of a warm and cosy interior and unbridled love for good food; think along the lines of roasted beets with buffalo ricotta and Spanish almonds to blacklegged ‘Poulet Noir’ chicken with cauliflower and polenta.

Must Try at The Lobby Fizeaustraat

Whatever you order, food at The Lobby is very good. But, obviously we have some favorites. During lunch you must try one of their flammkuchen, order a few and share wit everyone at the table! For dinner we can recommend the Skrei, a special type of codfish.



The Lobby Fizeaustraat


Fizeaustraat 2, Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 758 52 75


Artis ZOOmeravonden


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