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Mediterranean Restaurants in Amsterdam de-pijp

Looking for a Mediterranean restaurant in Amsterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Hello Amsterdam we make it our business to know the best Mediterranean restaurants in Amsterdam. Unlike many other ethnic cuisines, Mediterranean cuisine does not belong to a specific ethnic group or culture. This makes Mediterranean dining just that more interesting. There are restaurants that focus on a specific country within the Mediterranean region, but some restaurants do a perfect fusion combining the best of all worlds in to one taste bud-pleasing menu.

The Mediterranean cuisine

The Mediterranean cuisine is perceived as a vegetable-dominant cuisine. The most used ingredient in Mediterranean restaurants is (what else?) olive oil! Olive trees are very common throughout the region, and the oil is a major export product for many Mediterranean countries. Seafood and vegetables are the ingredients to the majority of traditional meals. Meats are used more sparingly and most of them are grilled. When you are looking for a healthy dinner option whilst visiting Amsterdam, a Mediterranean restaurant should really be on your list.

Our favorite Mediterranean restaurants in Amsterdam

As it is our business to know the best restaurants in the city, we won’t let you leave without a few tips of our own. But we also encourage you to scroll through our wide selection of restaurants. We truly believe that we have something pleasing to everyone’s taste.
In the very heart of the city on the historical street Nes, Mappa is situated in a former coffee house opened in 1810 by the Frascati brothers who became famous for their very popular Frascati Café. However, restaurant Mappa is now the happy occupant. They offer Italian cuisine and everything is home-made with a hint of love. In the eastern part of Amsterdam great places keep popping up. The newest addition is Bar Botanique. The dinner menu includes Mediterranean-style food. Decorated with lots of plants and bright green walls, this is a place you must see. Looking for a place where you can eat “family-style?”. At Cedars they love to share. This Lebanese restaurant revolves around sharing food with friends, family and loved ones.
Whatever you are having tonight, we hope you enjoy the wide selection of Mediterranean restaurants in Amsterdam.