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Little Saigon Haarlemmerdijk

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Vietnamese restaurant Little Saigon has to establishments in Amsterdam, one at the Zeedijk and the other at the Haarlemmerdijk. So when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the shopping area, you can find refuge in this lovely restaurant. This is the perfect spot for a delicious lunch or dinner. They serve a lot of different Vietnamese dishes.

The food at Little Saigon

Why not try something different than the usual sandwich for lunch? Maybe try some Bahn mi, which combines typical Vietnamese ingredients with French baguettes. This meal is a heritage from the country’s colonial past. There are six varieties at Little Saigon, from chicken curry and beef to fried tofu. Other Vietnamese street foods on the menu include pho soup, salad rolls, satays, salad bowls and of course the Vietnamese spring rolls. Little Saigon lets you experience the real taste of Vietnam, so be sure to pay a visit to this beautiful Asian restaurant during your stay in Amsterdam.


Little Saigon Haarlemmerdijk


Haarlemmerdijk 30, Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 895 08 16


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