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Fondue Oost

Hot bowls of creamy cheese fondue

What better way to spend a cold evening than over a steaming pan of cheese fondue? At Fondue Oost you’ll be in for a perfect night out with friends or a date, sharing small bites that come with the fondue. To top it off they serve a chocolate variation with cookies, fruit and marshmallows for dessert!

fondue oost

On the menu at Fondue Oost

The menu lets you choose from six cheese fondue varieties: Classic, Truffle, Blue Cheese, San Daniel (with San Daniele ham and pesto) and the El Nacho (with jalapenos, queso fresco and nachos). All pans come with bread and you can order greens as a side if you’d like. As a starter or another side dish, the shrimp croquettes with lemon mayo are highly recommended! And if you still have room left after all that cheese, the chocolate fondue will be waiting for you.

Editor: Nina van Wijk


Fondue Oost


Javastraat 49, Amsterdam


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 5:30 p.m. - 00:00


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