25+ Dutch Restaurants Amsterdam, serving traditional Dutch food in 2019

Dutch Restaurants in Amsterdam

Are you looking for the best Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam? The Dutch cuisine might not be as world famous as the French or Italian, but it does exist. And no, it is not just deep freed food that you can buy anywhere on the streets. Although that might be the favorite Dutch food of the Dutch themselves too.
What you must try? The Dutch pancakes or poffertjes, this sweet delight can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Dutch themselves like the poffertjes as a snack and pancakes for dinner (not on the same day, but you are welcome to try). Other Dutch specialties include a veggie and potato mash for dinner and various delicious sandwiches which can be enjoyed during lunch.

The Dutch Pancakes

Historians suspect that pancakes were not invented by one person or civilization, but evolved in various countries. There is evidence that people were baking pancakes as long ago as prehistoric times, and evidence shows that the Romans were certainly fond of this delicacy. So what makes Dutch pancakes different from the other pancakes in the world?
Dutch pancakes are thinner than American pancakes, but thicker than French crêpes. The simplest variances are served with dark syrup (molasses) or sugar. But at restaurants you can get all kinds of pancakes. Fruity ones with apple and cinnamon, or hearty pancakes with cheese and bacon.

Our favorite Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam

Visit the part of Amsterdam that never sleeps. In the middle of the vibrant Red Light District you will find the Old City gate of Amsterdam, dating from 1448, in which Restaurant-Café In de Waag is located. This restaurant is lit with 300 candles and serves Dutch and French dishes. In the mood for pancakes? In 1973 The Pancake Bakery opened on Prinsengracht 191. Soon it became the pleasant and cozy restaurant we know today. Here you can enjoy some great traditional pancakes. A must eat in the city!

Enjoy your Dutch restaurant dinner in Amsterdam

Whatever you are having tonight, we hope you enjoy the wide selection of Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam.