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The owners of CAU came up with their idea for a restaurant while visiting Buenos Aires, a city they describe as a collision of cosmopolitan sophistication and irresistibly chaotic energy. These characteristics all come together in their restaurant. From the menu to the design, it is all inspired by Buenos Aires.

With a heated outdoor terrace, and an open plan kitchen, they’ve combined cosmopolitan sophistication with infectious Argentinian energy to ensure you’ll be wowed!

Restaurant Cau in Amsterdam

Set over 3 floors, and with its iconic sky and grass motifs design, CAU Amsterdam offers the best in South American cuisine: highly appreciated Argentinean beef, mouth-watering steaks, burgers and sandwiches. A melting pot of comfort food. Drop in at lunchtime for some sharing plates and a beer or come by for dinner to savor one of their specialty cuts and a bottle of Malbec. But don’t forget to leave room for a Corn Flake Ice Cream Sundae. Trust us on that one.

Opening Hours Restaurant Cau

Monday–Sunday 10:00–23:15




Damstraat 5, Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 623 96 32


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