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Restaurant Long Pura “Eternal Temple”is located in a typical monumental building in the centre of Amsterdam, near the Western Church in the cosy Jordaan area. Here hides a beautiful and colourful Indonesian temple. Upon entering you will be pleasantly surprised by the contemporary and stylish interior with Balinese elements and a warm candlelight ambiance. Our Balinese Chef and his team prepare tastes and fragrances to delight all your senses. You will be greeted with the “Selemat Datang”welcome and receive flowers from our traditional Indonesian dressed staff. Seven days a week we invite you to experience this contemporary and Balinese atmosphere.

Indonesian Cuisine at Long Pura

The Balinese Chef want to introduce you to the tasty and amazing Indonesian kitchen. They will let you experience an explosion of flavors in their authentic recipes that usually have been passed down in their families.


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Long Pura


Rozengracht 46-48, Amsterdam




+31 (0)20 623 89 50



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