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Restaurants in Amsterdam

From unimpeachable classics to buzzy newcomers courting the food-world cognoscenti, these are the best restaurants in Amsterdam you need to know about right now. With hot new venues opening each week, it’s tough to keep track of the best restaurants in Amsterdam —the impeccable landmarks that never disappoint, the divey honky tonks serving life-changing brisket, and the sexy upstarts everyone who’s anyone is clamoring to try. Whether you’re craving an artful tasting menu, a soul-satisfying platter of crackling fried chicken or simply a great bloody steak, there’s a restaurant that will satisfy. Here some tips on where to start your culinary expedition.

Venture out of the city center to discover small and unique restaurants with surprising menu’s. Or pick a restaurant close to the city hotspot that you are about to visit. Whatever you do, don’t go out unprepared: the wide offer might overwhelm you!

Restaurants in Amsterdam, world cuisine in a small city

The restaurants in Amsterdam offer a wide variety of foods. Whatever your favorite cuisine is, we are sure that you can find it in the city. In the city center alone you can find French, Italian, African or Asian restaurants. Vegetarians and vegans won’t go hungry in this city either, most mainstream restaurants serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. Besides that, there are also many restaurants with complete vegetarian of vegan menu’s. Please make your selection in the drop-down menu above and find the perfect restaurant!

Tipping culture at Restaurants in Amsterdam

For many tourists the tipping culture in The Netherlands is quite the mystery. Unlike other countries we do not have specific tipping habits. All service personnel in the Netherlands earn a minimum wage. Therefore, tipping is not required, but it is appreciated. In general, the Dutch don’t tip for one drink or when they buy something to-go. In a restaurant with table service they tip anything from 2 to 10%, but only if they want to show their appreciation for the server or the kitchen. If they have a mediocre experience they can just as well leave without tipping. So, what you tip at Restaurants in Amsterdam is totally up to you, good luck!
Whatever you are having tonight, we hope you enjoy the wide selection of restaurants in Amsterdam.