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National Holocaust Museum

Part of the Jewish Historical Quarter

The National Holocaust Museum is found across from the Hollandse Schouwburg in the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam. This building, once a teachers’ training college, was used by resistance workers during World War II to smuggle some 600 children out of captivity and get them to relatively safe hiding places. This historic site hosts temporary exhibitions that tell the story of the Holocaust: it is a story of exclusion, of persecution and murder, but also of rescues, survival, and solidarity.

The museum is still in its opening stage and will be built up over the course of a couple of years. The ultimate goal is to have an definitive holocaust museum in which the history of the Dutch holocaust is told.

Permanent  exhibitions in the museum

Besides temporary exhibitions the museum also has a couple (semi)permanent exhibitions. One is focused on children and tells the story of a Jewish family in a fun and interactive way.

The exhibition Tangible Memories from the Jewish Monument in the National Holocaust Museum includes an interactive display of the Jewish Monument and an personal introduction to Jewish children from the Monument. Objects, photographs, documents, and other tangible memories help to paint a picture of the lives that were connected to them.

The exhibition In Memoriam is to commemorate the pupils and former pupils of the 1st Montessori School in Amsterdam who were murdered in concentration camps or otherwise lost their lives during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.


National Holocaust Museum


Plantage Middenlaan 27, Amsterdam



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