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World famous because of its highly regarded acoustics, Queen Beatrix bestowed the royal title ‘Koninklijk’ upon the building on occasion of its 125th anniversary in April 2013.The Royal Concertgebouw is considered one of the finest concerts halls in the world. The grand classical building, a masterpiece of Dutch nineteenthcentury architecture, is home to the Royal Orchestra, which is the best of its kind – topping numerous rankings worldwide.




Concertgebouwplein 10, Amsterdam




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Amsterdam South is home to the best museums and luxurious shops. Find our must-see and must-visit guide to this district right here!

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15-11-2018 – 20-11-2018

Star Wars – The John Williams Suite in Het Concertgebouw

An unforgettable musical experience

The Star Wars Suites is a musical spectacle shown for the first time ever in the Netherlands. Over 150 musicians of the International Symphony Orchestra from Lviv will bring the Star Wars music to life. Conducted by Raymond Janssen, they will play the world-famous Star Wars soundtracks and a few of Raymond’s favorite music pieces from other classic films. …

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Classical Concerts in Amsterdam

02-02-2018 – 31-12-2018

Sunday Morning Concert in Amsterdam

Every Sunday at the Concertgebouw

Sunday mornings and classical music are the perfect match, right? If you agree we have a great activity for. You might have heard already… The classical scene has something special planned every Sunday right here in Amsterdam. The Sunday Morning Concert at the Royal Concert Building The Royal Concert Building offers you an exquisite classical …

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