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English Comedy on Friday at Boom Chicago

Smart and Funny Comedy Shows in English

Boom Chicago has English Comedy nights, additional to their English performers on Saturday, 7-8 Fridays a year. During this night different pro-stand up comedy acts are here to entertain you!

International Comedians steal the show

International Comedians comedy tour is the main act during this night but besides that we surprise you with local talent. During these nights 4 to 5 comedians will entertain you all night. The show starts at 22:30 and ends around 0:15. Boom Chicago serves up awesome live stand-up comedy right in the middle of the lively Jordaan. Friday not a right fit for you? All the shows on Saturday night are fully English and have an everchanging schedule. Please check out the Boom Chicago website for an up-to-date schedule and tickets.


Boom Chicago


Rozengracht 117, Amsterdam





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