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The Hazenstraat Biennale

Every weekend in March

The Hazenstraat Biennale is a collaboration between the galleries in the Hazenstraat (hence the name). The participating galleries are Wouter van Leeuwen (Hazenstraat 27), Martin van Zomeren (Hazenstraat 20), Stigter van Doesburg (Elandsstraat 90), Ornis A. Gallery (Hazenstraat 11) en Kunstverein Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 28).

About the event

Every weekend in March the participating galleries put on a new art exhibition that starts with a preview on Thursday. The last exhibition runs until March 31.

March 1

Hans Eijkelboom – New City Poetry, book presentation & exhibition

Exhibition curated by Juliaan Andeweg

Martha Colburn – New Film

Austin Eddy – Houten Paddenstoelen

Kunstverein – To be announced

March 8

Gerry Johansson – Supplement Deutschland, book presentation & exhibition

Exhibition curated by Juliaan Andeweg

Josefun Arnell and Pim Blokker

Frederique Jonker

Kunstverein – To be announced

March 15

Hans Bol & Raymond Meeks, book presentation “God’s Allies van Hans Bol” & exhibition

Editions & Multiples

Feiko Beckers – performance

Juliacks – “the Supercedants: a drafting committee for the Intertemporal Mammalian Constitution.”

Kunstverein – To be announced

March 22

Stocked – Hidden treasures from all galleries Martha Colburn special.


For more information on this events and up-to-date information on The Hazenstraat Biennale go to their Facebook page.


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Various Galleries


Hazenstraat, Amsterdam

Start Date

01 March 2018 (this event is over)

End Date

31 March 2018 (this event is over)




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