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Ramen Festival Amsterdam

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On Sunday 17 February the first Ramen Festival Amsterdam will take place at restaurant De Bajes. Located in the city centre, right on Rembrandt Square, this is the perfect spot for a late lunch break or a fun dining experience after a day of shopping and sightseeing. Expect there to be Japanese street style food, music, karaoke and of course, lots of ramen!

ramen festival amsterdam burger

What is Ramen?

Most think that this immensely popular noodle soup is from Japan, but it’s originally a dish imported from China. The flavorsome broth comes with chewy flour noodles and lots of different toppings like beef or pork, soft boiled eggs, nori, spring onion, kimchi and shiitake mushrooms.

The Ramen Burger by Chef Justin Brown

For the Amsterdam Ramen Festival, Chef Justin Brown came up with a very special dish: The Ramen Burger. The Ramen Noodle Bun comes with an Angus Beef Patty, Japanese Miso Mayonnaise, Shredded Lettuce and Spring Onions and Sesame Oil. Vegetarian? No worries, they have a Kimchi version as well. Both delicious!

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the progam and tickets.

Editor: Nina van Wijk


De Bajes


Utrechtsestraat 11, Amsterdam

Start Date

17 February 2019 (this event is over)

End Date

17 February 2019 (this event is over)

Opening Hours

1:00 - 8:00 p.m.




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