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Jed Martin Exposition

At KochXBos

The KochXBos Gallery is opening the Jed Martin exposition on the 30th of June. During this exposition they present the work of this extraordinary French artists under the name Travail Humain II. During this exposition you can wander around his mind through his art and other tangible objects. See how it all interconnects and connect the dots within his art yourself.

elementary professions nurse

Elementary Professions Jed Martin

About the Artist

As a student, Jed made over 10.000 pictures of common objects and maps. The latter is what gave him some fame in the art world. After that he had a series focusing on common professions in France that reflect the French society perfectly. Jed believes that every country has these typical professions that reflect a country’s culture and values. Besides this pieces you will also be able to see his creative timelapses and lesser known work. Art critics say that all of his work is an hommage to human labor, if that is truly so is something you should decide for yourself.

Martin was born near Paris in 1975, the son of an architect. After his mother died by her own hand, he mostly spent his youth in seclusion, drawing flowers and landscapes. The general public first hears of him when Michel Houellebecq picks Martin’s life as subject for his novel The Map and The Territory (La Carte et Le Territoire – 2010, Flammarion).

Jed Martin’s Travail Humain II is a must visit for people that are interested in contemporary art.




Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36, Amsterdam

Start Date

30 June 2018 (this event is over)

End Date

21 July 2018 (this event is over)




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