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Festivals in Amsterdam

Are you hoping to attend some festivals in Amsterdam? Then we’ve got you covered! At Hello Amsterdam, we make it our business to know the best festivals in Amsterdam. The city hosts over 300 festivals per year, people from all-over come to the city to attend one of these festivals. Whatever floats your boat, we are sure that there is more than one festival in Amsterdam that you like! We’ve carefully compiled a list, scroll through the upcoming festivals and don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance. Most festivals sell out quick!

Types of festivals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of festivals year-round. With music festivals in summer and food or specialty festivals all year there is always some festivals that peak your interest. The higlights of non-music festivals are the Cocktail Week, the Chocolate Festival, the Amsterdam Wine Festival, Amsterdam Coffee Festival, Food Truck Festival Trek and of course the Grachten Festival.

But besides that there are also outdoor art festivals, performing art festivals and many more. Here at Hello Amsterdam we make it our business to stay in the loop of all festivals in Amsterdam. No matter how big or small, we inform you on the best festivals in town. Check our website before your visit and find out what festivals are being held during your stay in the city.


The best time for festivals in Amsterdam is the summer. Most festivals are outdoor and the weather in the Netherlands is quite unreliable, so summer is the only season we dare to throw a festival. In summer, sunny days aren’t guaranteed though. So, don’t forget to pack a poncho for the festivals in Amsterdam. However, don’t exclude the other seasons when it comes to festivals. Amsterdam is known for many indoor festivals as well. These mostly revolve around some sort of specialty product but the famous ADE or Awakenings Festival are also (mostly) held indoors. So, don’t forget to check out this page before your visit. There might just be a festival just right for you the next time you visit!