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The Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam

Starting off your day right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is the fuel that gets you started! There is really no reason to skip it, but if you need some convincing these are the best breakfast places in Amsterdam.


Breakfast in the city

There are two ways to go of getting breakfast in the city. The first is to do it as the Dutch on their way to work, score a sandwich or some fruit and yoghurt at an “AH To Go” while strolling through town. The second is to sit down at one of the cute breakfast places and take your time for the first meal of the day. When you are visiting Amsterdam, we suggest you do the latter in one of these breakfast hot spots.


Breakfast Places in Amsterdam

Breakfast Club

Wibautstraat 56 | Bellamystraat 2 | Haarlemmerplein 31 | Gustav Mahlerplein 114

The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam is devoted to breakfast! With four locations in the city, one must be reasonably close to you. Here you can enjoy all-day breakfast with dishes inspired by Paris and New York.



Wibautstraat 196, Amsterdam

Welcome to the urban jungle in Benji’s! This is a place where you can escape the concrete of the city and enjoy some delicious fresh food in an oasis of green.

Corner Bakery

Johannes Vermeerstraat 40, Amsterdam

The Corner Bakery in Amsterdam is right in between de Pijp en the Museum Square. If you are into food that makes your eyes and stomach happy it is a must-visit during your stay in the city. Here they serve all-day breakfast, juices, sweets and amazing crazy milkshakes.



Vijzelgracht 37, Amsterdam

At PEEJAYS you can enjoy some great hand made doughnuts. Order a warm cup of coffee and a selection of your favorite doughnuts to have a sugary start of your day.

Water & Brood

Nieuwe Kerkstraat 84, Amsterdam

Here you can enjoy American style brunch with some Caribbean influences. With only 25 seats it is one of the more intimate breakfast spots in town.


Bar Botanique slider

Bar Botananique

Eerste van Swindenstraat 581, Amsterdam

Bar Botanique, Café Tropique and it is open all day for breakfast. Enjoy the amazing interior while to take a bite of some very tasty French toast or the Bar Botanique breakfast special!



Reestraat 19, Amsterdam

PLUK Amsterdam is the lightest, brightest and healthy spot with the best treats in the vibrant Nine Streets. Pop-in for juices, pancakes, yoghurt or a full pluk-breakfast.


De Drie Graefjes

Rokin 128, Amsterdam

The red velvet cake at De Drie Graefjes is legendary, but that is not all they serve. You can eat this iconic cake for breakfast of course but they also serve all-day breakfast.


The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show

Daniël Stalpertstraat 61, Amsterdam

Are you an avocado lover? Then you’ve got to try The Avocado Show, here they can make anything with avocado. So go for superfood with your breakfast at this hot-spot!