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The best beer cafes in Amsterdam Are you looking for the best beer cafes in Amsterdam? Then you are in luck! For beer-lovers we have made it our business to sniff out the best beer-serving-bars in town. We are not talking about your average bar where they just serve beer, no we are talking about the best beer cafés in Amsterdam. These bars/cafés serve craft beers and take their own craft seriously. Scroll through our selection of the best beer cafés in Amsterdam and find your hotspot for the night! Our favorite beer cafes in Amsterdam When talking about the best beer cafes in Amsterdam everyone has their own favorites. Therefore, we can’t give you just one must-visit, but we do like to try. At the back of the Beurs van Berlage, in the heart of Amsterdam, you will find the former city tax house. Today it houses café-brasserie De Heffer, where several bars are located, including a traditional old Dutch bar and a tasting room. Several local and special beers are served here and the cuisine is international. At the van Gogh Café, they serve 15 types of beer! This bar is situated close to central station and is the perfect watering (eh, beer?) hole for people hopping on, or getting of a canal cruise. Beer specialist De Biertuin has the perfect beer café formula. Good food, great beers and two great locations, one in the east of the city and one in the city center. For beer lovers this actually is a must-visit as they will always serve a beer that you love. Whatever café you choose for a drink, we hope you can find what you are looking for in our selection of favorite beer cafés in Amsterdam.