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Kaap Oost Fun Park Amsterdam

Fun for the whole family!

Kaap Oost is a beautiful event and fun park right outside the center of Amsterdam. Here you find Wind ‘n Wheels, Electrocross and restaurant Bij Storm, together they form the Kaap Oost Fun Park. This location has everything for a fun-filled outdoor day with family and/or friends.

Wind ‘n Wheels

Wind ‘n Wheels is the first sail wagon park in Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy land sailing, an activity in which you sail over the sand using a sail and a small kart. But there is nothing simple about the speeds. With a good wind you can race over the sand at pretty high speeds. Here children from age 7 and up can partake in a clinic and learn the ins and outs of this sport.


Electrocross is an activity full of fun and adrenaline but it is sustainable for the environment too! Here you can enjoy an outdoor parkour where you can drive with your motorcycle as a beginner. But the parkour isn’t just for those who are willing to learn. They’ve designed it in a way that more experienced drivers can still have an afternoon of fun!

Bij Storm

Bij Storm is the place to eat when visiting Kaap Oost. Here you can flee the hustle and bustle of the city in a beach-style restaurant. Enjoy some laid-back cuisine and warm yourself up at the bonfire at night. Every Sunday from 14:00 on there are various creative activities for kids.

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Kaap Oost


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