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Kahmann Gallery

by Roy Kahmann

The Kahmann Gallery is located in the beautiful Jordaan. The gallery revolves around photography and shows a beautiful mix between between vintage and contemporary photos. The Kahmann Gallery represents the work of almost 30 national and international photographers and initiates at least 6 expositions a year. It is the perfect place for people looking to acquire iconic or soon to be iconic pieces or people who share the owners love for photography.

Roy Kahmann’s passion for photography

The owner of the gallery, Roy Kahmann, has always had a deep rooted love for photography. He had a private collection full of iconic and spectacular images long before he opened the gallery. His sublime taste is still the power behind this famous gallery, all his pieces are curated with a little bit of facts and a lot of gut feeling and instinct.

The Kahmann Gallery is located in the picturesque Jordaan close to the great restaurant Daalder. Combine a visit to this lively area with a visit to the gallery, want to browse more art? Please check our coverage of the Spiegelkwartier, the art district in the city.


Kahmann Gallery


Lindengracht 35, Amsterdam



Opening Hours

Tuesday until Friday 13:00-17:00



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