The Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost

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The Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost

A Blend of Miami, Barcelona and the Côte D’Azur

Merging the sparkle of Miami, Barcelona and the Côte d’Azur, The Harbour Club is situated at a unique location in Amsterdam – an old wine terminal turned ‘fashionable chic’. Discerned palates can expect an array of exquisite dishes made with quality ingredients such as exceptionally fresh fish and a remarkable selection of meats. Highly recommended is their sushi and dry-aged Tomahawk steak. No less impressive is the spacious and beautifully styled setting with a fish display spanning six meters. And if the mood strikes for relaxed refreshments in one of the city’s most scenic spots, their waterside terrace is the perfect place to sip cocktails made with The Harbour Club Gin featuring ingredients such as wasabi, sea salt and ginger.


What to order at The Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost

As mentioned before, their all-time classics are on the menu. Think of amazing Tuna Taco’s and the Dry Aged Tomahawk steak. But that isn’t all. Order one of the best fruits de mer plates in the city, enjoy some very creative sushi rolls and order a grilled lobster to truly experience all that the Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost has to offer.

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The Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost


Cruqiusweg 67, Amsterdam



Artis ZOOmeravonden


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