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Yoshiyasu Tamura

in Kyas Art Salon

Yoshiyasu Tamura is comming to town! The artist, who is also called a mangaka, is honored like a hero in Japan has his own exposition right here in Amsterdam at Kya Art Salon.

Manga Fine Art by Yoshiyasu Tamura

His style? A complete and outright cultural clash between traditional Japanese drawing and western painting. Women play a major role in every painting. These women aren’t traditional though, they are an idolized characters with obvious manga influences such as the big eyes. Besides that you can see that Tamura is very much inspired by Western Renaissance art images. His art is truly where “East meets West”. In his work Tamura strives for the decorative and excessive. This manifests itself especially in the frequent and expressive use of color, pigment and technique.

Kya Art Salon

Kyas Art Salon is a must-see on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The exclusive art club is run by Japanese Kaoru Yamamoto, known as one of the first digital graphic artists from Japan and former VJ. At the Art Salon you will find work from upcoming contemporary artists and can be visited after making an appointment.

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Kyas Art Salon 1

Kyas Art Salon

Moderne Kunst aan de Amsterdamse Grachten

Kyas Art Salon is a beautiful gallery focused on contemporary art in Amsterdam. In 2014 this gallery was started by Kaoru Yamamoto, a Japanese artist. What to expect at Kyas Art Salon They represent a group of emerging or mid-career, national and international contemporary artist. Think of Rinus van Hall, Yoshiyasu Tamura, Kouhji Ohno and …

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