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Tristan + Isolde by the National Ballet

Timeless, tragic love

Tristan + Isolde is the great new performance by the National Ballet. The Legend of Tristan and Isolde is a tragic, timeless romance that takes place in the middle ages. Their love is sacred but also forbidden, healing but also destructive and fulfilling but also frustrating. The Choreographer David Dawson put these characteristics into a beautiful ballet that does justice to the legendary love story.

About Tristan + Isolde

There are many variances on the story of these two lovers. One of the most famous ones is probably the homonymous opera by Richard Wagner. Dawson wanted to do something with this story for a longer time but it wasn’t until he asked Szymon Brzoska for his musical interpretation of the story, that he was inspired to make the choreography for the ballet. The decor in Tristan + Isolde by Eno Henze is simple and abstract, with black columns making it a story of all times. This special performance plays during the last two weeks of June.


Nationale Opera & Ballet


Amstel 3, Amsterdam

Start Date

13 June 2018

End Date

25 June 2018



Hortus Botanicus


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