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New Rembrandt Painting at the Hermitage

See the discovery of the century with your own eyes

A new Rembrandt painting at the Hermitage? You must think that we are joking, or that we mean a new painting for the Hermitage. And although the later is true, it is also a newly discovered painting of this famous grand master that is now on display.

About the newly discovered portrait

The portrait seems to come from somewhere around 1634. The painting was bought by an art collector at an auction in London for €156.000,-. He instantly recognized Rembrandts work and bought it, not knowing for certain if it indeed was a Rembrandt. But now specialists have analyzed the painting, and they came to the same conclusion. This work has to be from the grandmaster himself. The portrait of a young man will be on display from the 16th of May until the 15th of June in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Until the 27th of May the hermitage also hosts the Dutch Grand Masters exhibition.

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Hermitage Amsterdam


Amstel 51,

Start Date

16 May 2018 (this event is over)

End Date

15 June 2018 (this event is over)


Location info

Hermitage Amsterdam

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The Hermitage Amsterdam is the largest branch of the world-famous Hermitage of St Petersburg. The museum is located along the Amstel River in the historic Amstelhof building. The Hermitage is situated in the Amstelhof, this historic building dates back to the Dutch golden age and used to serve as a retirement home until 2007. …

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