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Game Changers at Maritime Museum

An exhibition full of Maritime Innovations

Game changers is an exhibition at the Maritime Museum showing innovations in the maritime industry. The exhibition takes you through a story of successes, big surprises and failures over the last centuries.

About the exhibition

During Game Changers you will see more than 25 impressive and interesting innovations throughout Dutch maritime history. See the great influence of the Dutch on the industry and discover the enormous impact it had on the Netherlands. For example, without the invention of the sawmill, the Dutch hadn’t been able to build the biggest merchant fleet in the world.

On the weekends they have various monthly themed events with lectures, workshops and documentaries. Please check out the website of the Maritime Museum for more details on the various themes.

Dare to Discover

While you are there don’t forget to check out their new VR-installation as well. Dare to Discover takes you on an historic flight over the Amsterdam harbor.


The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam


Kattenburgerplein 1,

Start Date

29 October 2017 (this event is over)

End Date

01 July 2018 (this event is over)



+31 (0)20 523 2222

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The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam

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