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Eugène Brands at Cobra Museum

From the living room to space

For the first time at Cobra Museum you will see more than 100 pieces by Eugène Brands. Brands has a wide collection of pieces centered around various themes such as children’s drawings, space and the panta rhei principle. View his work from the 40’s to more recent works revolving around the cosmos. Brands was the initiator of the first, illustrious CoBrA exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1949.

About the exhibition – from living room to space

During the exhibition you will go on a trip through the various periods in Brand’s work. Let over 100 pieces take you through his surrealistic work in the 40’s, the CoBrA period, the childlike phase in the 50’s and is abstract work revolving around the earth and the cosmos.

The exposition is carefully curated by the Cobra Museum in collaboration with Eugène Brands. You find the museum in Amstelveen, only a short metro ride away from Amsterdam.


Cobra Art Amsterdam


van Baerlestraat 8,

Start Date

01 February 2018 (this event is over)

End Date

25 May 2018 (this event is over)



+31 (0)20 215 3110

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Founded in 1983 as an art wholesaler, and now a leading light in the business-to-business art world, the Cobra Art Company works with established artists and photographers from around the world to create a changing collection of modern art, photography and sculpture. By combining special materials like liquid gloss, metal paint and resin, with an …

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