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The ‘Body Art’ exhibition explores the history, culture and identity politics of body art while looking at why people decorate their bodies. Body art and body modification such as tattoos and piercings, but also scarification, branding and implants, have a long history and are present in numerous cultures. This exhibition explores the various meanings and functions of body art, the shifts in beauty ideals and the significance body modification can have in terms of social status or personal identity.

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Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum (Museum of the Tropics) is a museum about people, housed in an impressive listed building overlooking Amsterdam’s Oosterpark. The extensive permanent display and regularly changing exhibitions feature objects that all have a story to tell about humankind. Right now on display: Feel the rhythm and discover the roots! From jazz to salsa, from …

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Amsterdam East is a new and upcomming neighborhood in the city. Cool places keep popping up. Find our hot-spot guide to this district here…

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