Afterlives of Slavery
Afterlives of Slavery exhibition



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Afterlives of Slavery

A permanent exhibition in the Tropenmuseum

In the Afterlives of Slavery exhibition in the Tropenmuseum you are confronted with the aftermath of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands. During your visit you will learn about the painfully obvious links between then and now.

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The exhibition focuses around the enslaved and their descendants, this makes it a confrontational and for some people difficult exhibition. It is however important as it evokes conversation and makes the contemporary legacy of slavery tangible of those who find it more difficult to see the obvious links between then and now. Four key figures in the current debate – Gloria Wekker, Karwan Fatah-Black, Amade M’charek and Marian Markelo – share their perspectives on the various legacies of slavery via video portraits. Besides that the exhibition also features contemporary and historical pieces and photos to tell a complete story.

Every second Sunday of the month is a special one at the Tropenmuseum. On this day between 14:00 and 15:00 you can follow a free tour that will give you more in depth information about the Afterlives of Slavery exhibition (you will have to pay the museum entrance fee).

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Linnaeusstraat 2,

Start Date

01 January 2018

End Date

01 January 2021


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