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100 Highlights at the Museum of Bags and Purses

For the historic highlights in Fashion History

100 Highlights, an exhibition on historical fashion highlights is on display from the 12th of February until the 22 of April. You find this exhibition at the Museum of Bags and Purses “Hendrikje” in Amsterdam.

About the exhibition

The new exhibition is a trip through time, taking you by the most iconic bags from the 16th century until now. Learn about the materials and techniques that where used during these periods in time. The museum has the largest collection of old bags that where used by men and women because clothing didn’t have pockets back them. This changed after the 1900, after that time bags became a women’s fashion accessory. Men only used bags for the hunt or documents.

This amazing and luxurious museum shows a huge private collection that is mainly focused on one object. Because of the museum’s lay-out you feel close to these interesting fashion pieces. This exposition is a must-visit for lovers of bags and purses visiting the city.


Museum of Bags and Purses


Herengracht 573,

Start Date

22 February 2018 (this event is over)

End Date

22 April 2018 (this event is over)



Location info

Museum of Bags and Purses

In the Southern Canal Belt

The Museum of Bags and Purses is probably one of the most unique museums in Amsterdam. They have over 5000 objects on display and with that it is the biggest collection of handbags in the world. Some of the pieces in the museums collection are very old, some even come from the 16th-century! The Museum …

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